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Snizzy "Snazz" Bullets
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Origin USA
Role Guitar player for Snakes N' Barrels
Affiliations Snakes n' Barrels
Voiced by Mike Patton

Snizzy "Snazz" Bullets is the rhythm guitar player for Snakes N' Barrels. He has wildly-frizzled brown hair and was frequently seen wearing an opened button-down shirt. Despite his success in the band, Bullets suffered from a heavy addiction to hallucinogens and heroin, which after Pickles' departure from the band forced him into poverty and eventually sobriety. Bullets' addiction resulted in his face being partially paralyzed, and there are visible signs of a botched hair plug procedure on the top of his balding scalp.

Despite Bullets' poor health and withered musical skills, Pickles managed to help restore his musical talent in time for a Snakes N' Barrels reunion concert, which unfortunately was sabotaged by the Tribunal manipulating the band into taking "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake" prior to their performance. Although the drug was intended to effectively wipe Pickles' mind and make him susceptible to the Tribunal's control, his years of drug use left him effectively immune to the drug, while Bullets was mentally traumatized into a hallucinogenic state during the concert.

In their next appearance, the remaining members of Snakes N' Barrels had been reorganized once more by musician and sobriety spokesman Rikki Kixx, who had taken advantage of their brainwashed minds in order to further his agenda of forced sobriety. Bullets adopted a newer cleaner style of clothing to reflect his new message of sobriety, which included wearing a visibly-obvious toupee to hide his scalp. Unknown to everybody but the Tribunal however, the Totally Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake was still present in Bullets' body, and would cause madness-inducing phosphorus snakes to shoot out from every orifice of his body if exposed to bright lights, loud sounds and pyrotechnics. The unaware Kixx proceeded to hold a concert with Bullets playing on lead guitar, during which the drug became active once more in his system and caused the entire concert to fall into a state of inebriated madness. It is unknown what happened to Bullets following the concert.


  • Snizzy has the most derogatory name of the band. "Snizzy" is another term for a slut. "Bullet" is another term for snorting cocaine. His nickname of "Snazz" means "tight" and is likely a joke based on both his first name and second as "Tight" an be a reference to the vagina, but can also mean he roll paper tightly for snorting cocaine.