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Senator Stampingston
Senator Stampingston header
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Dead
Origin United States
Role Senator
Falconback advisor
Relations Salacia (master)
Affiliations The Tribunal/Falconback Project
Voiced by Mark Hamill
Quote open As you can see, Dethklok is no laughing matter. They're the world's greatest cultural force. Quote close
Senator Stampingston

Senator Stampingston was the primary presenter of the Tribunal, introducing almost all of the experts, and reporting on Dethklok—the band’s contemporary actions and world impact alike.


It was never made clear how he became affiliated with Mr. Salacia, or if he was active in the Senate. Whether Stampingston was a sitting senator or not, he appeared to be involved in global politics (in a role generally filled by a wide range of government officials, like cabinet secretaries and ambassadors). He appeared as the subject of some newspaper cutaways, and addressed the United Nations with General Crozier, and had some level of personal connection to the President. He had a long scar across his nape,

During the events of Army of the Doomstar, Stampingston was in charge of Salacia’s worshippers, before combusting ecstatically from the energy of the Doomstar.


He had a diplomatic standpoint for the issues against the band, and often recommended espionage and other forms of intelligence gathering. He kept the most professional and calm attitude towards the band; while he knew Dethklok was a threat, he never overreacted and rarely contributed plans. He typically stood off to left of the large screen used for briefings, briefing the Tribunal on Dethklok’s current events while the screen highlighted relevant information.

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  • Brendon Small admitted that he would roll his knuckles across the keyboard to generate the names of the experts that Stampingston introduced. He did it every week at the expense of Mark Hamill, just to see how he would pronounce them.[1]


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  1. “I would literally roll my knuckles across the keyboard, come up with an unpronounceable name, and every f—king week, he’d forget it—forget that I’d been doin’ that every episode.” —Brendon Small podcasting live (0:45) on Youtube