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Stella Murderface
Background information
Sex Female
Mortality Alive
Relations William Murderface (Grandson)

Thunderbolt (Husband)
Mr. Murderface (Son or Son-law; deceased)
Mrs. Murderface (Daughter or Daughter-in-law; deceased)

Affiliations Dethklok
Voiced by Tommy Blacha

Stella Murderface is the grandmother of Dethklok bass player, William Murderface, who raised her grandchild after he lost his mother and father in a chainsaw murder-suicide that was carried out in front of him by his father when William was just an infant. It is unknown if she is his maternal or paternal grandmother.

She appears with her husband Thunderbolt (who is paralyzed after having suffered from a massive stroke) in "Dethfam". She is seen riding a motorized scooter, dragging her husband behind her in a red wagon. She greatly resembles her grandson in both hair styles and facial appearance. William is shown to hate his resemblance to his grandmother and seeing her chew results in his trying to strangle her, though he is stopped by the rest of Dethklok. William later apologizes for this action, as the band is trying to appease their families in the hopes that they'll leave forever. She spends most of the episode trying to get her grandson to buy Thunderbolt a high-tech wheelchair. In order to shut her up, Murderface buys the wheelchair she wants. She is pleased, exclaiming, "William, you're going to go to heaven for this!" to which William responds, "I'd rather die than go to heaven." She later sprays Pickles and Murderface with mace when they refuse to make the Dethklok Family Metal Album, after which she informs Dethklok that there is nothing more brutal and grotesque than raising children. She reveals she considers William an idiot while voicing anger at changing his diapers. This caused the other parents to express their pent-up resentment to their children and made Dethklok see how they all suffered with parenthood.

In the episode "Dethmas", it is revealed she, Anja Wartooth, Surfetta Skwigelf, Rose Explosion, & Molly all hang out together. They force Dethklok to spend time with them. She slaps Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler when he tells her he and William have to meet with producers for Murderface's Christmas special. She and the other mothers are later recruited by Murderface & Knubbler to help out with the special production.

While looking for booze she discovers a locked door where Dethklok had hidden all the booze to keep it away from their mothers, to prevent them from getting drunk. Stella and the other mothers open the sealed room and proceed to get drunk. A drunken Stella crashes her scooter into a wooden cross, knocking it over on to Toki, pinning his legs.


Stella Murderface during the Christmas special