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Strange Man
S00E01.The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera Moment(5)
You belong with us down here.
Background information
Full name Unknown
Sex Male
Origin United States/Beyond the Doomstar
Role Salacia
Relations Murderface
Affiliations Tribunal
Voiced by Brendon Small

Strange Man (as dictated in the libretto)[1] was the mystifying gentleman that Murderface encountered in the Depths of Humanity bar, during the band's frenzied search for their rhythm guitarist.


He appears dressed as a typical metalhead, complete with a Mephistophelian-like belt buckle, spiked bracers, and an eyebrow ring with what appears to be encrusted with a coral gemstone. Other key features of note are his long, brown wavy hair; tall, lean physical appearance; as well as his abnormally long nails.

The Strange Man's most unnatural attribute are his serpent-like glowing hypnotic eyes, to which his victim's eyes mirror the same glow when successfully entranced by them.

In Army of the Doomstar, his true identity was officially revealed to be the main villain of the series, The Half Man.


  • He was originally set to appear with a facial scar.[1]
  • The visual style of the fashion of which he hypnotizes Murderface is done in a way that's slightly reminiscent to an iconic snake from the Jungle Book.
  • His favorite band is supposedly Planet Piss, and is additionally Murderface's biggest fan.