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Sultan Sotajumala
Background information

Sultan Sotajumala is a despot of the unnamed country to which Abigail sends Dethklok in Writersklok. He makes international news for his inhumane treatment of his staff; whom he beheads when he cannot pay them or on a whim; and the poor financial condition of the country (though it may have been affected by the global recession Dethklok caused).

His soldiers kidnap Dethklok off the street believing they are women because of their long hair or lack of a headscarf (possibly a combination of both). Sotajumala wants to force them into sexual slavery and make them part of his "harem" that is composed of similarly abducted women.

Dethklok try to convince him that they are the internationally-known death metal band and Sotajumala demands they play a song to prove this. While Dethklok plays, the imprisoned women break out and kill their captors, disemboweling Sotajumala in the process.

Sultan could either be his given name or a self-appointed title.