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Surfetta Skwigelf
Background information
Sex Female
Mortality Alive
Origin Sweden
Relations Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Son)
Týr (Husband, presumably divorced)
Countless illegitimate grandchildren
Voiced by Laraine Newman
Quote open I could never lose the weight after you were born! And look at the veins in my bosom, they're like a roadmap of STOCKHOLM! Quote close
— Surfetta Skwigelf (Dethfam)

Surfetta/Serveta Skwigelf is "Miss Sweden of 1956" and mother of the "World's Fastest Guitarist", Skwisgaar Skwigelf. The identity of Skwisgaar's father is unknown due to Surfetta's promiscuity, and it is speculated that Skwisgaar's father may have been a god rather than a mere mortal man. As explained by Senator Stampingston, "her neglect helped form the world's fastest guitarist." Skwisgaar deeply resents his mother and loathes her for her open promiscuity, claiming he was bullied for it growing up. Ironically, despite the grudge Skwisgaar carries, he mirrors her behavior through his rockstar life, being infamously known for his sexually-charge lifestyle.

Surfetta spends her visit during "Dethfam" pursuing Nathan's oblivious father rather than directing her attention toward Skwisgaar, much to the shock and disgust of her son, who diverts himself from her behavior by focusing his aggression into the practice of his guitar. He also constantly experiences psychosomatic nausea for the duration of her visit. After tensions boil over, Surfetta reveals she also resents her son as her pregnancy ruined her figure as well as her breasts.

Surfetta appears in the episode, "Dethmas" along with the other Dethklok mothers, who have banded together to spend the Christmas seasons with their unwilling sons. Murderface is shown to be attracted to her, even defending her taste in clothes (which Skwisgaar compares to a stripper's), calling them classy. At the end of the episode she and the other mothers get drunk at Knubbler and Murderface's Christmas special, contributing to the ruination of the event. She is last seen giving Dr. Rockzo a handjob (much to Skwisgaar and Murderface's horror).

In "Fatherklok", it is shown that as a boy, when Skwisgaar walked in on Surfetta having sex with two men at once, he ran away in shock and discovered a Gibson Explorer deep inside a cave. The guitar quickly became both Skwisgaar's fixation and coping mechanism throughout his life. Later in the present day after Skwisgaar embarked on a quest to find his true father, Surfetta married another man named Týr, whom she encouraged her son to accept as the father he never had. Skwisgaar first rejected Týr, but eventually came to accept him, allowing the two to form a genuine familial bond. Surfetta is not seen again until Skwisgaar and his stepfather enter the house and find Surfetta having sex (coincidentally, with the same two men she had sex with before in the flashback, only older). This caused Skwisgaar, as well as his stepfather, to flee from the house, with Týr unable to handle his wife's promiscuity. Skwisgaar seriously reconsiders his choice to become a regular man and decides that he is a god, returning from Sweden to his life as a rock star.


  • Surfetta's English is demonstrably better than her son's, although still heavily accented.
  • In "FatherKlok", a picture of a younger Surfetta is shown several times (even on the Tribunal's monitor, during their discussion on Skwisgaar paternity).
  • The real-life winner of 1956 Miss Sweden is Ingrid Goude, who was also the second runner-up for Miss Universe and first runner-up for Miss Europe.