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Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Origin Sweden
Role Skwisgaar's step-father
Relations Skwisgaar (stepson), Surfetta (likely-divorced wife)
Voiced by Brendon Small
Quote open This ams the best episodes of "Two Swedish Dads Whats Are Yous"! Quote close
— Tyr

Týr is the husband of Surfetta and the stepfather of Skwisgaar. He is introduced and only seen in the Season 3 episode, Fatherklok.


Týr is a kind and accepting man who loved Surfetta despite her past reputation of promiscuity, but he could not tolerate unfaithfulness after the marriage. He defended her when Skwisgaar had an outburst and was quick to forgive his stepson and accept him as family.



Surfetta and Týr

Surfetta married Týr and called her son to join the family. Skwisgaar travelled back to Sweden with the expectation of meeting his birth father, so he was disappointed upon meeting Tyr.

Initially Skwisgaar resented Týr for disappointing him and for constantly making out with his mother, to the point in which he pushed his stepfather to a glass table, injuring him. Skwisgaar regretted this and apologized to Týr, who accepted the apology and welcomed him as a son.

They eventually were able to get over their differences and start a peaceful father-son relationship. During this time period, they were seen partaking in heavy manual labor together (e.g. woodworking) and going to bars together. Unfortunately, this bond was short-lived, as both men walked in on Surfetta having a threesome.

Týr left the Skwigelf home and presumably divorced Surfetta since they have not been seen together again.


  • Týr's is named after the Faroese heavy metal band Týr, which is also the name of a Norse god.
  • He dabbles in "Prague musics".
  • He loves the series Two Swedish Dads Whats Are Yous.