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The Amazelingtons
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“[Twinkletits] was once in a big band, called The Amazelingtons. Twinkletits lost his mind—he disappeared for ten years.” —General Crozier
Background information
Official name The Amazelingtons
Status Disbanded
Origin United States
Role Former band of Twinkletits
Headed by John Twinkletits
Former members Four unidentified men

The Amazelingtons are the former band of John Twinkletits.


Called a “big band,” they had at least moderate success in the music industry. Twinkletits, being mentally unstable, was likely not fun to be around, so the other members voted to evict him from the band—who snapped and murdered all four men with a pen. Afterwards, Twinkletits would become a “hardcore” psychiatrist, psychologist and therapist, notably for legendary death metal band Dethklok. The world never learned what actually happened to The Amazelingtons, despite all the other members being missing for years. The demise of The Amazelingtons covered up by Twinkletits—to the point that even Tribunal intelligence assumed they had broken up.[1]


The Amazelingtons were likely intended to parody Grateful Dead, specifically the band as skeletons in the music video for “Touch of Grey”.[2] It’s also possible they could be a reference to Payolas, Bob Rock’s band before he became a producer.



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