I understand you wish to bargain your eternal souls for blues fame.
The Blues Devil
The Blues Devil

The Blues Devil

The Blues Devil (voiced by King Diamond) is a stereotypically portrayed manifestation of the devil to whom people sell their souls in exchange for fame in the blues genre. He appears in the episode Bluesklok.


The oldest living blues guitarist Mashed Potato Johnson is stated by The Tribunal to have sold his soul to the Blues Devil. Mashed Potato Johnson helps Dethklok deal with their depression by teaching them the blues and introducing them to the Blues Devil, suggesting that they sell their souls for blues fame.

The Blues Devil tries to get them to sign a binding contract, but Dethklok negotiated it down to a $5 Hot Topic gift card and received, along with blues talent, 7% on the backend of the Blues Devil's soul. The Blues Devil tells them he will sleep on it.

He is seen on the hill standing firm as his car is blown away by Dethklok's blues music, played without signing his contract.

In P.R. Pickles, publicist/religious radical Liz Bane in a meeting with her client Pickles, while mentioning he was a great find, hands Pickles a $5 Hot Topic gift card - presumably the same one given to the Blues Devil. This leads to the possibility the Blues Devil was the one who got Liz cleared of all charges in the 1973 massacre of a hundred French citizens by the Order of the Dybbuks (which she founded). It can be assumed that he was also the one who led Liz to Pickles, possibly out of revenge for cheating him.


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