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“The Depths of Humanity”
Background information

The Depths of Humanity is a track from The Doomstar Requiem and a scene from the musical special of the same name. It was written and sung by Brendon Small, featuring Jack Black as a guest vocalist.



Dethklok faces their past

The Depths of Humanity is a dark, dusty dive-bar where Dethklok played their first gig with Toki in the band. Dethklok is led back there by a clue from Magnus. Ishnifus warns them that what lies ahead will be difficult. When they arrive they are ambushed by bitter faces from their past, including an old manager, Skwisgaar's old guitar teacher, and aging groupies. While they are distracted, Murderface is cornered by a member of The Revengencers, who infects him with a virus. Skwisgaar searches for clues to Toki's whereabouts and notices an audition flier on the wall. He realizes that Toki is imprisoned in the old warehouse where they used to practice: the place they first met Toki. Nathan grabs Murderface, who is entranced, and the band flees the scene.

At the end of Doomstar, Dethklok acquires The Depths of Humanity and converts it into a rehab center for troubled musicians.



Please heed my warning before you enter here

This is a den of resentment and jealousy

Inside is all that you fear

Stay close and keep your eyes open

The ghosts of your past you will meet

The failures of life, they congregate here

If they bring you down, you will be beat


[Murderface (kicking down the door)]

Uh, fuck you...


Oh my god, our old manager!


Oh my god, those old groupies!


Ohs my gods, my old guitars teachers!


Oh my god, a douchebag nightmare!

[Old Manager]

You were supposed to help me

'cause I helped you!

Where is my reward?


I'm sorry!

[Old Guitar Teacher]

I taught you all the scales and vibrato

You tossed me overboard!



[Old Groupie]

I slept with you all

and fed you like kings

and you treat me like a whore?

[Old Manager]

Haha haha haha

Look at you now!

You're all such big shots

Hope you brought your cash!

[Old Guitar Teacher]

Oh, you owe us all for your success

And we're gonna take it back!

[Murderface, Pickles, Nathan]

This is bumming me out!

This is bumming me out!


We needs to find where Toki's hidden!

Let's find da clue then we will leave dis land forbidden!


Mister Murderface

You're the only one we welcome here

You're not like the rest of them

You're better than the best of them

I'm your biggest fan

I hope that's clear

[Murderface (is scratched)]




Planet Piss is my favorite band

I consider you a king of this land

I hope you'll let me take your hand

and offer you a beer because

I think that you know deep down

You belong with us, down here...


So nice to be appreciated!

[Dethklok's Enemies (cornering them)]

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

You should be ashamed!


Oh god, this sucks!

Just make it stop!

I must get out!


Oh no no no


We needs to find dat clue

I'll look if you do, too

There's something on the wall

Oh, now I think I know...

I think I know where he is!

I think I knows where he is!

[Skwisgaar (about Murderface)]

Just grab hims now!


Let's get out!


That's the worst thing I've ever known


Angry broke people who think that they're owed


Hold ons everybodies

I got somethings you should knows...

I found dis fliers on da walls inside

I believes I know where Toki am imprisoned!

Our old practice space about a miles away

where Toki had his first auditions!