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The Dethalbum: Authentic Guitar Tab
Dethalbum-tabook cover
Author Brendon Small (Words and music)
Illustrator -
Cover artist Antonio Cannobio
Language English
Genre Guitar tablature
Published January 28, 2009 (Alfred music)
Media type Print
Pages 124 pages
ISBN 978-0739057599
Preceded by -
Followed by Dethalbum II: Authentic Guitar Tab

The Dethalbum: Authentic Guitar Tab is guitar tablature transcription book for the entire first Dethklok album, The Dethalbum. It is published through Alfred Music Publishing and is part of their authentic guitar tab series. The transcriptions are available in both simple guitar tab as well musical notes, the tab book also includes a bonus DVD of Brendon Small teaching the Deththeme on guitar, as well as an animated video of Skwisgaar Skwigelf teaching how to play the guitar solo for the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle.


  1. Murmaider (pg. 11)
  2. Go Into the Water (pg. 19)
  3. Awaken (pg. 29)
  4. Bloodrocuted (pg. 40)
  5. Go Forth and Die (pg. 46)
  6. Fansong (pg. 53)
  7. Better Metal Snake (pg. 58)
  8. The Lost Vikings (pg. 65)
  9. Thunderhorse (pg. 72)
  10. Briefcase Full of Guts (pg. 81)
  11. Birthday Dethday (pg. 87)
  12. Hatredcopter (pg. 93)
  13. Castratikron (pg. 99)
  14. Face Fisted (pg. 106)
  15. Dethharmonic (pg. 112)
  16. The Deththeme (pg. 117)


  1. Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class (Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle solo)(5:35)
  2. Brendon Small Teaches The Deththeme (5:11)