Krangore Island is located in the Gulf of New Guinea and is known for containing a majority of the world's nuclear waste, causing most of the islanders to be transformed into disfigured mutants. Dethklok liberated the island and its once-nuclear waste facility to make way for The Dethklok Home For Wayward Kitties. They then released a container full of wayward kitties (which were mostly rabid and feral cats). In typical Dethklok fashion the kitties then proceeded to maul and feed on the mutated islanders.

It is later revealed that Dethklok bought the island for charity as a way to cheat on their taxes.

Dethklok later abandons their adopted son Fatty Ding-Dongs on the island believing he would survive because he is fat. However the boy is mauled, apparently to death, by the feral cats that seem to have taken over the island.