The Duel

Album The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera
Band/Composer Toki and Skwisgaar
Featured in episode "Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem"
Previous in album "Some Time Ago..."
Next in album "I Believe"

The Duel is a track from The Doomstar Requiem and a scene from the musical special of the same name. It showcases of the guitar skills of Brendon Small and Mike Keneally.


Centaur Skwisgaar

Skwisgaar challenging Toki in his mythical centaur form

The Duel is what happened the first time Toki and Skwisgaar met; an epic guitar battle ensued. The scene shows the two characters ascending through an ethereal realm and taking on alternate forms. Skwisgaar continues to test Toki's abilities until Toki finally cracks under the pressure. The outcome convinces the rest of Dethklok to let Skwisgaar be their sole guitarist, however, Skwisgaar changes his own mind and asks Toki to join them.

Imagery within the song features Toki with a bird of prey and Skwisgaar with a stallion, representing their guitar models of "Flying V" and "Thunderhorse" of which the two guitarist respectively use.



Oh, you did so well...


But you blew the last part


Aw, you were so very close


But it all fell apart


And it's time for you to go


But befores you leaves you must understand

that nobody's ever made me plays dis wells


I wants you in this band!!

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