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“The Duel”
Background information
Released October 27, 2013
Length 2:35
Recorded by Brendon Small
Performed by Skwisgaar and Toki
Nathan, Pickles and Murderface (additional vocals)
Featured in The Doomstar Requiem
Album The Doomstar Requiem
Next track I Believe
Previous track Some Time Ago...
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The Duel” is a song by virtual American melodic metal band Dethklok. It was released as a scene in The Doomstar Requiem, and later on its eponymous soundtrack—the band’s fourth full-length album. It showcases the ability of Brendon Small, playing guitar for both Skwisgaar and Toki.


“The Duel” was how, under extreme duress, Toki chose to remember the first time he and Skwisgaar met—and their ensuing epic guitar battle. The scene showcased the two men ascending through an ethereal realm, taking on alternate animal forms. Skwisgaar continued to test Toki’s abilities until he finally cracked under the pressure. The outcome convinced the rest of Dethklok that Skwisgaar should be the sole guitarist, however, Skwisgaar changed his own mind, asking Toki to join the band.

Imagery within the scene features the guitarists primarily within the clouds—as mythological hybrids and dueling with lightning channeled from their guitars.

Official audio[]


  • [Skwisgaar and Toki] ♪ (Guitar solos) ♪
  • [Pickles] Oh, you did so well
  • [Nathan] But you blew the last part
  • [Pickles] Aw, you were so very close
  • [Nathan] But it all fell apart
  • [Murderface] And it’s time for you to go
  • [Skwisgaar] But befores you leaves you must understand
  • That nobodys ever made me plays dis wells
  • Therefores, I wants you in this...
  • Band!




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