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“The Fans Are Chatting”
Background information
Released October 27, 2013
Length 2:24
Recorded by Brendon Small
Performed by Dethklok Minute host, Nathan Explosion and Magnus Hammersmith; Charles F. Offdensen and Pickles (additional vocals); Fatty Ding-Dong (cameo)
Featured in The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera
Album The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera Soundtrack
Next track Abigail’s Lullaby
Previous track How Can I Be a Hero?
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The Fans Are Chatting” is a song by virtual American melodic metal band Dethklok. It was released as a scene in The Doomstar Requiem, and later on its eponymous soundtrack—the band’s fourth full-length album.

Official audio[]


  • [Dethklok Minute host]
  • So, Dethklok hasn’t performed in a very long while
  • A big show is coming up which will be just in time
  • Because people around the world have been very concerned
  • About the lack of Toki Wartooth in the press world
  • He hasn’t been seen in public, where could he be?
  • The band released a statement:
  • [Charles F. Offdensen]
  • He’s fine; don’t worry about Toki
  • [Dethklok Minute host]
  • Well, he’s okay
  • I guess we’ll see when they play
  • Hey, that’s the Dethklok Minute—have a great day!
  • [Fans]
  • He’s been out of the public eye
  • We’re worried we’ll be denied
  • One fifth of our favorite band
  • We’re the power, we’re the fans
  • We want answers!
  • Where’s Toki?
  • Where’s Toki?
  • We want answers!
  • Where is the man?
  • We’re going online, we’re gonna get to the bottom of this
  • Going online, we’re gonna get to the bottom of this—
  • [username:Ricktok72]
  • I heard a rumor from my roommate Matt
  • That he can’t play guitar because he got too fat!
  • [username:DaveDigger631]
  • I heard that Toki’s at a rehab place
  • ‘Cause he did so many drugs that he melted his face!
  • [username:Vandaltat5862]
  • I heard he’s getting plastic surgery done
  • They’re putting in horns and cleaving his tongue
  • [username:Hardstuff510]
  • I heard he’s gone ‘cause his hair went away
  • They put in some transplants, now he’s totally gay!
  • [Fans]
  • You’re gay!
  • You’re gay!
  • You’re gay!
  • You’re gay!
  • You’re gay!
  • You’re gay!
  • You’re gay!
  • You’re gay!
  • [username:HAMMERTIME1234 (Magnus Hammersmith)]
  • You are all wrong, you don’t know the whole story
  • Toki’s been kidnapped with the girl by some men
  • Oh, Dethklok could save them but they can’t be bothered
  • These cowards may never see their Toki again
  • Dethklok doesn’t care about their best friends
  • They will be responsible for their death!
  • [Nathan Explosion]
  • It’s good to be here tonight, lemme hear ya! (Crowd cheers sparsely)
  • And on rhythm guitar, Mr. Toki Wartooth! (Crowd boos)
  • [Fans]
  • We want Toki back!
  • We want Toki back!
  • We want Toki back!
  • We want Toki back!
  • We want Toki back!
  • We want Toki back!
  • [Nathan] Oh my God, they’re leaving the show
  • [Pickles] We don’t want our fans to go...
  • [Nathan] I think I know what I must do...
  • People of the world, I want you to know
  • Toki—we’re coming to save you!