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The Mastodon

The Mastodon is a restaurant first (briefly) introduced in the Season 3 episode Renovationklok.

During the events of Renovationklok, Dethklok arrives at the restaurant to have dinner, but they soon realize the restaurant is out of their own price range, so they leave.

The restaurant is seen a second time during the Season 4 episode Writersklok, as it becomes a meeting place for Abigail Remeltindtrinc and Dick Knubbler to discuss Knubbler's future as producer of the band over a dinner. He attempts to 'woo' her, but fails as Abigail seems clearly uninterested. His suit sleeve then catches on fire in the restaurant, foiling his attempt even more.


  • The restaurant is a reference to the American heavy metal band, Mastodon.
  • Not much of the restaurant is shown in Renovationklok, but it shares the same wall structures and flooring as images shown in Writersklok, which confirm the location.