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Thunderhorse Nathan

A clip from the Thunderhorse visual accompaniment, seen at live shows.

The Viking Trilogy, is a collection of three songs by Dethklok.

The three songs, Better Metal Snake, The Lost Vikings, and the guitar heavy Thunderhorse, follow the tales of five Vikings.

The first song, Better Metal Snake, is about, two armies fighting, one of whom has the upper hand with a giant metallic serpent named Metal Snake. Our protagonist's army fights back with a bigger stronger Serpent named, Better Metal Snake.

The second song, The Lost Vikings, is about five Vikings in search of their destination, when they can't find it(Where they are headed is never named) they take refuge with a witch, but later vanish on into the night.

The final song, Thunderhorse, has very primitive lyrics, and the only plot is found in the video, in which a Viking is told of how his Queen has been taken. The Viking makes his way into the castle, on a mystical horse cast from the heaven, and infiltrates by killing 3 men, a peasant, a grave digger and a guard.

The trilogy was featured on the Dethalbum.