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Thunderbolt Murderface
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive (presumably)
Relations Stella (Wife)
William Murderface (Grandson) Mr. Murderface (Son or Son-law; deceased)
Mrs. Murderface (Daughter or Daughter-in-law; deceased)
Voiced by Jeff Loomis

Thunderbolt Murderface is the grandfather of William Murderface and husband of Stella Murderface.

He appears in the episode "Dethfam" only, being hauled around in a wagon hitched to Stella's scooter (in her words "like a dead cat") because of a massive stroke he suffered some time beforehand. Later in the episode, William, after much badgering from Stella, buys Thunderbolt an electric wheelchair with an eye controlled computer for communicating. When William retorts "I'd rather die than go to heaven" in response to Stella's gratitude, Thunderbolt becomes so distressed by this that he backs the wheelchair through the front window of the store.

Other than this, he expresses a great desire to end his life because he feels trapped, saying his body is "a lifeless shell", and other things such as "I've not had an erection in 30 years" and "I just used my underpants as a restroom". This expression of him wishing to die is also part of the lyrics on the Dethklok Family Metal Album.


Thunderbolt in his wagon