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Thunderhorse was a Dethklok tribute band named after the Dethklok song of the same name.


Originally formed by Dethklok rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth along with four people, shorty after the ban on Dethklok tribute bands was repealed. All the members dress up and have pseudonyms (except Skwisgaar) based on the members of Dethklok. While reviewing footage of various bands with Offdensen for Dethklok's approval, Pickles discovered that Toki was in the band. Toki reveals that instead of being himself, he is Skwisgaar while in Thunderhorse. The rest of the band decided to go see Thunderhorse, and seeing that tribute bands are a good way to get back to their roots, joined Thunderhorse, kicking out the entire band (except Toki) in the process. Soon, they started to become popular, but not accustomed to a life of poverty, suffered from hunger and lack of sleep as a result. Eventually, Dethklok decided to go back to being Dethklok and their regular life, effectively ending Thunderhorse.

The former members of Thunderhorse, after being kicked out by Dethklok, then started a tribute band to Snakes N’ Barrels called Serpents N’ Containers. A flyer for Serpents N’ Containers can be seen briefly before Nathan puts a Thunderhorse flyer over it.

Band members[]

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