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Toki Wartooth
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Origin Lillehammer, Norway
Role Rhythm guitarist of Dethklok
Prophetic hero
Relations Anja Wartooth (mother)
Reverend Wartooth (father)
Voiced by Tommy Blacha
Mike Keneally (TDSR)
Brendon Small (Young) (TDSR)
Quote open I'm not somes regular jack-off dildo campers! My name's Toki Wartooth- and I'm in DETHKLOK! Quote close
Toki Wartooth (Source)

Toki Wartooth is a member of the Death Metal band Dethklok and the band's current rhythm guitarist. He is voiced by the show's creator and co-writer Tommy Blacha.


Toki has a distinct whisker-like style of moustache known as the Fu Manchu, light brown hair and very pale ice blue eyes, often found in those of Scandinavian descent. He develops a sun tan during the episode "Bluesklok" whereas the other four band members become horribly sunburned; a rather common phenomenon among those who live in areas of high altitude.

Although Toki's height is not depicted precisely in the series, he is usually shown as approximately the same height as Murderface, which is shorter than Nathan and taller than Pickles. He is also the only member of the band depicted as being very physically fit, showing developed muscle structure at times when he is shirtless or partially dressed. He is apparently also the youngest member of Dethklok.


Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth is sometimes thought to be the inspiration for Toki's appearance.[1] Fans have also speculated that he may have been designed to resemble Varg Vikernes in his younger days.


Toki has a personality that is more naïve, innocent, and good-natured than the rest of the band, though he still shares their love of all things metal and brutal. Toki frequently displays childlike reasoning and childish beliefs. He has an active imagination and occasionally experiences whimsical, colourful flights of fancy as seen in Dethwater, Dethkids and Dethhealth. He is less perverse than the rest of the band members when referring to sexuality, and is known to express his great enjoyment of hugging and kissing. He also is shown to panic, screw-up or generally fail to be able to hold responsibilities whenever he is given them.

Despite his childlike ways, Toki occasionally expresses a dark side, including sadism (exemplified best in Religionklok with his glee at the idea of murdering Rachael Ray), arson (burning Mordhaus with a flamethrower in Dethkids), torture (knocking out, punching and tasering Nathan in Girlfriendklok) and lawlessness (firing a gun at police in Dethrace). In Snakes N' Barrels II, while at the concert, Toki is driven insane by a wild, enthusiastic audience member constantly screaming in his face. Toki unleashes his dark side on the overbearing fan, brutally beating the man (possibly to death) in an incident that frightens even his bandmates.

Hailing from Norway, Toki tends to slur his words and has inconsistencies with the letter s similar to Skwisgaar's, though Toki's English is generally better. Despite this, both Toki and Skwisgaar call Pickles 'Pickle," leaving the s off at the end of his name. Toki sometimes speaks in a mewling and child-like voice, and uses profanity less frequently than his bandmates, though he is not unknown to, and is often treated as a sort of kid brother to the rest of the band. He frequently exclaims "Wowee!" when surprised. An old habit of his was to say "that's brutal", but he seldom says it after Season 1.


Deaddy Bear, Toki's toy

Toki is a popular icon to children, though he occasionally laments being seen as the "cutesy guy" in the band. He is sometimes shown holding or associated with the image of a teddy bear with a devilish tail, named Deaddy Bear.

A recurring joke in the series has been for Toki to make statements that unknowingly place him in scenarios with homosexual subtext through his misunderstanding of English. Due to the language barrier, he occasionally requires Skwisgaar to explain the meaning of sexual terms and innuendos such as 'blowjob', 'sausage festival', and 'going down'.

He has a crippling fear of bicentennial quarters, revealed in Dethzazz.

Skill & Hobbies[]


Working on a model plane.

Many of Toki's hobbies are seen to be childlike. He spends much of his time building scale models of planes and submarines, and also collects action figures. He is occasionally shown toying around with an ‘80s style children's Casio keyboard. Toki likes drawing with crayons, both in coloring books and on construction paper. He also enjoys crafts and sometimes makes gifts for his friends. He is sometimes shown playing an arrow-stomping game in the manner of Dance Dance Revolution.

Toki appears to take some interest in domestic household chores. He is occasionally shown making and serving snacks for his bandmates, doing laundry, and clearing dishes from the dinner table, though he is prone to mishaps during these tasks. He also does not have a driver's license.

In contrast to the death metal that Dethklok performs, when he creates his own songs (Dethwater, The Doomstar Requiem), they are moreso akin to upbeat 1980s pop affairs. These are often accompanied by visuals smiling animals and rainbows, and it is shown that this imaginative nature of his is one he has carried on from his childhood.

Like Skwisgaar he shares an interest or moderate belief in Atheism, Nihilism and Norse mythology.

He is skilled with computer technology, and was able to not only register the name of the website for Planet Piss in Snakes N' Barrels II before Murderface was able to do so, but he created a basic layout complete with edited photos of Murderface, as well. He did so all while under the encouragement of the rest of the band (minus Murderface of course who was aware of what Toki was up to).

Music Talents[]


In conjunction with his personality and role in the band, he is the only member who has no prior band experience, yet has natural talent as a guitarist, almost rivaling Skwisgaar. He plays using a normal black standard Gibson Flying V in the first few seasons. However, in later seasons he uses the all white Brendon Small "Snow Falcon" Flying V, which becomes Toki's signature guitar later on.

Demonstrating effective rhythm guitar styling, Toki's guitar line provides supporting chords and flourishes to strengthen and harmonize with Skwisgaar's lead guitar parts. As proven during Toki's audition, his main reason for being in the band is that he is able to bring out the better qualities in Skwisgaar's own guitar skills; he was the only auditionee who could challenge Skwisgaar enough to raise the standard of his playing to even greater heights. Sometimes Toki follows behind guitar solos in a call-and-response manner.

As shown by his ability to play Dethklok's lead guitar parts in the tribute band Thunderhorse, Toki may very well be the only guitarist capable of keeping up with Skwisgaar, pretty much making him the world's second-fastest guitarist (which is further evidenced by his audition for Dethklok, where he holds his own against Skwisgaar much longer than any other guitarist). This is also demonstrated in Bluesklok where, like Skwisgaar, he fails to be able to play a simple acoustic guitar slowly to match the Blues genre of music - this ends with Toki, like Skwisgaar, having to be handicapped. Toki apparently never practices guitar but manages to maintain his standard of playing regardless. His lack of practice is the reason why in Bookklok Skwisgaar states Toki never will never get a solo. Despite having been able to full do the role of lead guitarist for Thunderhorse; Toki has a panic attack when things go wrong after he finally gets a solo for Dethklok at the guitar festival. A frequent recurring joke involves Skwisgaar criticizing Toki's guitar playing or suggesting that Toki be turned down or rerecorded, preferably by himself. It is later revealed that Skwisgaar does this out of insecurity and his fear of Toki becoming better than him.

Toki is frequently ostracized from the rest of the band, partly due to his not practicing or writing songs, but mostly because Murderface draws him away (Murderface is apparently a persistently bad influence on the impressionable Toki). In fact, he once revealed during a major court case against the rest of Dethklok that he had no idea what songwriting residuals were, pointing out that they did not deserve them because they did not write songs. Toki does not participate in the songwriting process, saying, "Honestly, I don't wants no creative voice; it's cool". This trait is in complete contrast with Magnus Hammersmith's.

His talents beyond the guitar are not as well tuned as some of the other band members, but can be odd at times. Often what he is good at is done without practice or experience nor having a desire at all in. Also, while he accidentally deleted Skwisgaar's solo in the first attempt, he was able to mix and record the song Takin' It Easy created using the bands studio. He was able to do this using only a manual as a guide and no previous experience as a sound engineer. He also did much of the background work to put the song together, so although he does not want any creative process, he is quite capable of putting a song together by himself.

When Get Thee Hence are unable to record in the studio, this leaves Toki and Murderface to have to put a song together by themselves. Notable from this incident, Toki does all the bands guitar roles while Murderface handled the bass and drums. Toki is seen helping Murderface with the drum by moving his hands to the beat to guide him when to hit.

As well as guitar, Toki has been known to play the keyboard and can be heard in various songs including "Castratikron" and "Go Forth and Die" (which may perhaps be the reason he repeatedly confuses his guitar lessons for piano lessons in Dethlessons). He is also seen playing the keyboard during an extended scene at the start of Birthday Dethday.

In addition to Murderface, Toki is apparently the reason Dethklok's music takes its familiar tone in songs. When the pair are fired, the remaining 3 bandmates managed to write songs without the pair, but the songs became "happy" ones leading to their deletion.



Nathan has gradually taken on a protective paternal/fatherly role toward Toki. Though he was initially more dismissive toward him, Nathan began to show concern for Toki during his bout with alcoholism following his father's death. When Nathan rescues Toki from certain death during an attack on their home, he takes the opportunity to express his concerns, and Toki is able to acknowledge, "The real reasons you tells me dis, is because you cares about me!" though Nathan brushes it off.

In Dethcamp, Nathan helps Toki pack for his camping trip, and gives him a snow globe replica of Mordhaus to remind him of the band. Nathan is shown tidying up Toki's bedroom while he is away, and chuckles that he misses 'the little guy'. When Toki's snow globe is smashed by bullies, Nathan exacts revenge by using the broken glass to mutilate the hand of the culprit. Nathan enjoys amusing Toki with very simple jokes, though he still sometimes participates in teasing or excluding Toki along with the rest of the band.


Toki has a rivalry with fellow Scandinavian guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf as the two characters consistently compete with each other over their guitar skills. These arguments are usually sparked by belittling comments from Skwisgaar. While the two bicker with each other throughout the series, they appear to hang out regularly and are sometimes shown discussing the plot's philosophical elements, such as the male sex drive in Girlfriendklok, the pros and cons of fatherhood in Fatklok, marriage and family in Dethwedding, and the circle of life in Performanceklok. Due to their similar Scandinavian roots, another recurring scene involves one of the two correcting or informing the other on an aspect of the English language or American culture, though they are often both incorrect.

Though he laments living in Skwisgaar's shadow, Toki appears to have admiration for him. A recurring joke in the series involves Toki "copying" Skwisgaar in various ways, including repeating his sentences, following him, wearing his clothes, and using a Skwisgaar coffee mug (whereas the other members prefer to use a mug in their own likeness). When asked in Prankklok how he will spend his vacation time, Toki admits he will stay home and watch Skwisgaar practice guitar (something he already does on a typical day). He is able to play guitar confidently and skillfully when following Skwisgaar's lead, but tends to succumb to anxiety when playing solo in front of large crowds. In Doomstar Requiem it is revealed that it was Skwisgaar himself who invited Toki to join Dethklok after they first played guitar together, though he was adamantly against the idea of having a rhythm guitarist prior to meeting him.

In Army of the Doomstar, Toki is shown to be protective and somewhat clingy toward Skwisgaar and frequently tries to hug him, though Skwisgaar pushes away Toki's attempts to do so. He takes care of Skwisgaar and carries him to safety when he is knocked unconscious during an attack on the band. As the band believe they are all about to die, Toki tells Skwisgaar that they will continue to hang out every day for eternity in the afterlife. After they defeat Salacia and The Tribunal, Toki is briefly shown holding Skwisgaar in his arms.


Toki and Murderface tend to get along, though they do not always see eye to eye. Like the other band members, Murderface tends to belittle Toki and appears to have the least amount of patience with him. Murderface is a considerable bad influence on Toki, frequently drawing him into schemes against the band simply by telling him what to do. Toki is usually largely unaware of the reasons for the scheme, though this could be due to the fact that Murderface is the most immature of the group and combined with Toki's childlike innocence is able to talk on level with him and pressure him into doing things. Usually, the band primarily blames Murderface for these indictments, knowing that Toki was probably pressured into joining him.


After Nathan, Pickles is the second most fatherly figure to Toki and after Skwisgaar the second member Toki is likely to consult in for advice. If Pickles does something destructive, Toki joins in for the sake of it even if he has no reason for joining in. The two get along well, as Pickles tends to be more patient with Toki. Toki sometimes confides in Pickles.

In Army of the Doomstar, after being kidnapped by Magnus, Pickles is shown to have taken on a more maternal role to his younger bandmate when he age-regresses. [1]

Charles F. Offdensen[]

Charles is often straight with Toki and tries to reason with him on his level. The band sometimes turns to Charles to discipline Toki when their attempts have failed. Whenever they have meetings, Toki is one of the members least likely to take the meeting seriously and will join in with any antics the others come up with. In RenovationKlok, Toki admits to Pickles that he misses their manager during his extended absence.

When Dethklok ran away because Charles was angry at them and Toki was hitting people to get attention, Charles says to him, "Everyone likes you. Everyone thinks you're cool. ..I think you're cool." This results in Toki giving Charles a tearful hug, which Charles was reluctant to respond to. He awkwardly pats him on the back, saying, "There, there".

Dr. Rockzo[]

A testament to his more accepting and caring nature, Toki is the only person who does not react to Dr. Rockzo with utter disgust. He is somewhat sickly attached to the clown, probably due to his positive experience with clowns as a child. Toki feels much compassion towards him because of this, and had motivated him to overcome his drug addiction in Cleanso. The two have remained drinking buddies throughout the series, although their relationship became heavily strained following Rockso's relapse into drug addiction, with Toki finally realizing the truth depths of Rockso's depravity.


Wartooth resturant

Mother, son, father

Toki's parents were abusive toward Toki, and he is deathly afraid of them. When they are first introduced, Toki falls into a deep catatonic state and refuses to talk, to the point where even the other band members take notice of it. Despite the abuse he received as a child, and his fear of his father, he still visits him on his death bed and attempts to fulfil his final wishes, though this proves traumatic in and of itself. However, in Fatherklok he claims to have overcome it, stating, "I'm totally cools with it!" though this may not be entirely true. Toki has always hung photos of his parents' icy stares in his bedroom, and has a very dutiful and obedient attitude toward them.

Magnus Hammersmith[]

The rest of Dethklok, and even Doctor Rockzo, are distrustful of Magnus when he befriends Toki, who was his replacement in the band. Being unaware of the history of Magnus and why he left the band, Toki trusts him after Magnus saves his life, a trust which later he comes to regret when Toki is held hostage at knife point and stabbed in the back by him. Toki endures various physical and psychological tortures after being kidnapped and held captive by Magnus.

Abigail Remeltindrinc[]

Though Toki initially attempts to hit on Abigail along with the rest of the band, Abigail takes on a motherly/sisterly role toward Toki after they are both kidnapped by the Revengencers. She comforts him while he suffers from abuse by Magnus, and reminds him to focus on his memories of the band in order to stay alive. The song she sings for him is a parody of Mary Magdalene comforting Jesus in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Promotional content[]


  • In “Dethcarraldo” Toki's ancient animal form is revealed to be a rabbit. Unlike the other band members, his animal form is not depicted as an actual animal, but rather his human-self wearing the skins of several dead rabbits.
    • A rabbit is also seen in Toki's song in Dethdad, where, after he picks it up, it transforms into his dying father (wearing a bunny costume). This same rabbit appears again in the next episode, Snakes N’ Barrels II, as a ghostly image created by the side-effects of Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake, which transforms into a monster at the same time as Toki loses his cool.
    • In Korean, the word "rabbit" is pronounced "To-kki", also being a part of his rabbit symbolism.
  • In the first season, Toki's voice was a lower tone, his accent less obvious and the 's' inconsistency was rarer. As the series progresses his voice becomes higher and his accent more obvious.
  • Toki's bedroom has a distinctly boyish look to it, featuring model aircraft, action figures, and posters of sharks, boats, and planets; he is also the only member of Dethklok who sleeps in a single-occupant bed.
  • A testament to his more trusting nature, in Cleanso Toki is shown as a child in a photograph sitting on the lap of John Wayne Gacy, the infamous and cannibalistic serial killer clown, though this is geographically and chronologically impossible.
  • A recurring plot device within the series is the death and bad luck Toki brings to those outside of Dethklok. This has given him the nickname "angel of death," called so by both fans and Tribunal. It is possible that Toki's presence is largely to blame for the deaths which surround the band in general, as they did not exhibit this power prior to discovering him.
    • In contrast to Toki, Skwisgaar is shown to be a fertility God, having fathered thousands of children. In other words, whereas Toki represents "death", Skwisgaar represents "birth" or "life".
  • Toki is a diabetic, and is insulin-dependent. This is implied in Skwisklok to be brought on by his addiction to eating nothing but candy. He wears an emergency medical kit around his waist when away from the band.
  • In Bookklok Toki sits on a throne which parodies the Iron Throne of Westeros from Game of Thrones.
  • The lack of creative input from Toki and Murderface means their contract agreement with Crystal Mountain Records results in them only receiving 2% of the share in all of Dethklok royalties. Despite the relatively small percentage, they're both multi-billionaires as stated in Dethsiduals.
  • Toki's name likely comes from the old Norse King "Harald Wartooth", while "Toki" itself is also similar to the god "Loki" the trickster God in Norse mythology.
  • It was revealed in a Reddit AMA Interview with Small that Deaddy Bear had been made for Toki by a Norwegian furniture maker. It is stuffed with the cotton from Toki's old comforter.
  • Toki's favorite band is Behemoth, which was revealed in an interview with Decibel.
  • He dislikes insects.[2]
  • His mustache style, the Fu Manchu, could likely be a reference to the stoner rock band named Fu Manchu.