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Toki was born and raised in an abandoned village near Lillehammer and is the only child of Aslaug and Anja Wartooth. Toki's father is a Reverend in a mysterious and seemingly cult-like religion which apparently involves taking a vow of silence or similar discipline. As a small child, Toki was ordered to do grueling physical work on his parents' mill. He was frequently beaten and punished with solitary confinement. During that time he took comfort in his imagination.

He recalls only a few positive memories regarding his childhood, including food he enjoyed as a child, such as Lutefisk[1].


Toki taking comfort in his clown doll

Joining Dethklok[]

When Toki was a teenager, his parents threw him out. He lived on the streets with just his guitar, having no food, money, or shelter. He found out about Dethklok's audition for a new guitarist and took himself along.

He arrives late to the audition, just as the band was about to accept Skwisgaar as the only guitarist. However, after hearing his pleas to be given a chance, Skwisgaar was moved by Toki's sincerity and states, "You seem so nice, it's a shame it must go down this way.", and the two began their guitar duel. Toki kept up with Skwisgaar throughout the duel but messed up at the end, causing him to lose the duel. The other bandmembers dismissed him. However, on his way out, Skwisgaar states that he is impressed as no one has ever pushed him to play so well before. In short, Toki was allowed to join the band as their second guitarist.

After Toki's recruitment, Dethklok rose to fame and fortune. Toki in turn states their success brought him a sense of family that he never felt before.

Season 1[]


"I slips in and out of diabetic coma."

Toki is first established as a diabetic after an intense candy binge threatens his health. He takes this in stride, stating, "They should makes insulin-flavored candy. Whatever."[2]

Toki laments his role as "the cutesy guy what kids like" and adopts a new, more brutal demeanor, causing his bandmates to question his sanity. When a little girl with a dying wish to meet him writes him a song, he has a flashback to his own childhood and regrets his refusal to see her. He runs to meet her only to find she has just died, leading him to blame himself for her death.[3]

Toki forms a friendship with Doctor Rockso, a washed-up rock & roll clown with a penchant for cocaine. Though his bandmates disapprove of the clown, Toki's more accepting nature leads him to give the clown a chance.[4]


On set for Blood Ocean.

He plays an unknown role in Blood Ocean, and can be seen running in fear in the trailer for the movie. In the film, he wears a white cowboy hat and matching outfit.

While performing Go into the Water live on stage, Toki and Skwisgaar are separated from the rest of the band and cornered by the Metal Masked Assassin. Just as they believe they are about to be killed, they are rescued by Charles.[5]

Season 2[]


Fighting on stage.

Tired of living in Skwisgaar's shadow, Toki seeks the help of a new guitar tutor, Dimneld Selftcark. The lessons prove to be ineffective as Toki is more interested in making friends with the old man than actually practicing his guitar. When Skwisgaar discovers Toki with Dimneld, he is infuriated and threatens to ban Toki from Dethklok. Toki goes on to perform a guitar recital, but cracks under the pressure. Skwisgaar apologizes for his jealous ways and Toki's tutor dies.[6] Toki attempts to help Dr. Rockzo give up his addictions and aids him in getting through rehab.[7]


Breaking down at the wheel.

Toki and Skwisgaar are ordered to attend Mr. Gojira's driving school after a drunken police chase. In class they are shown gruesome crash scene footage, instilling them with a fear of driving. Toki and Skwisgaar then fail their drivers' tests, as Toki is incapable of merging into another street due to the oncoming traffic, and Skwisgaar refuses to even sit in the front seat. They later participate in a demolition drag-race driving "doubleneck guit-cars."[8]

Toki learns his father is dying of cancer, forcing him to confront his abusive childhood. He struggles to overcome his past and attempts to fulfill his father's dying wish, however, just as Toki forgives his father and lays him to rest at his birthplace, he slips and the old man slides into the icy lake below. Toki watches in horror as his father drowns and sinks into the darkness. The Tribunal describes Toki as "an angel of death" due to the streak of deaths plaguing those who come in contact with him, his bandmates being the obvious exception to this.[9]

Toki's repressed anger is unleashed when a random concertgoer continually pesters him. Toki snaps and physically assaults the man, giving him a savage beating in disproportion for the man's offence. The incident frightens even his bandmates.[10]


Drunk and passed out in the shower.

Toki develops alcoholic behavior, spending his days in a drunken stupor. His bandmates mock his antics and debate whether or not to show genuine concern, which they've agreed in the past never to do. During an attack on Mordhaus, Nathan finds Toki pinned under some fallen debris and rescues him. He takes the opportunity to tell Toki he cares about him and to lay off the alcohol. When Nathan is attacked by Lavona Succuboso, Toki defends Nathan by smashing his beer bottle over her head, knocking her out.[11]

Season 3[]

Toki seems to recover after his downward spiral, and like the other bandmates has to deal with the loss of their manager. He is the only one to openly admit he misses Charles during his extended absence, something he confides in Pickles.[12]

Toki is discovered posing as Skwisgaar in the Dethklok cover band Thunderhorse, to which Skwisgaar remarks, "That's why my pants and shirts keeps disappearing!" He calls Toki weird but does not object to their switching roles temporarily.[13]

Toki attempts to get his bandmates into the holiday spirit, having Mordhaus decorated for Christmas and buying gifts for everyone. When he realizes the gifts have been pawned by Dr. Rockzo for drug money, he angrily confronts the clown on the set of Murderface and Knubbler's live holiday special. Coincidentally, Stella Murderface knocks over a stage prop at that moment, a large crucifix which pins Toki down.[14]

Toki christmas

Toki with his Santa hat

Toki's bandmates present him with a selection of groupies as a birthday present. Toki declines their offer and expresses his interest in finding a wife to raise children with. He scolds them for being shallow and seeks the help of a dating agency, however, the agency matches him with a woman so unappealing he starts to question his own values. After some soul-searching and words of advice from Pickles and Nathan, he flees from his "ladymate" and returns to Mordhaus to partake in his birthday present.[15]

Toki joins Murderface in a class action lawsuit against the other band members over songwriting residuals (though Toki has no idea what this means), which ultimately leads to both of them being put on musical suspension. They attempt to prove themselves by starting Murdertooth Records with the Nu Metal band Get Thee Hence, however, Toki fouls up any chance to gain writer's credits when he fills out the songwriting contracts in Norwegian. Despite this, Toki and Murderface are allowed back into Dethklok just in time for Get Thee Hence to open for Dethklok, an action which turns bloody when the crowd turns on the Nu Metal band for their bad attitudes and sloppy performance. Dethklok watches in shock offstage, though Toki appears to be the only one unaffected by it all.[16]

Toki attempts to reunite Dr. Rockzo's band, Zazz Blammymatazz. The project is threatened by surfacing rumors about Dr. Rockzo's past with an underage girl, and by Toki's crippling phobia of bicentennial quarters, leading him to take another look into the past as well. While Toki struggles with this, his bandmates take over much of the Zazz Blammymatazz reunion project. Things go off without a hitch, however, the stage is destroyed when Toki's phobia is triggered and he haphazardly starts a fire.[17]

Toki develops a childlike habit of punching his bandmates in the shoulder for attention, bruising and annoying them in the process. Later, Toki and the band run away after Charles scolds them and they believe he does not care about them anymore. When Charles finds the band he comforts Toki and disciplines him regarding his hitting habit.[18]

Season 4[]


Smoking with Skwisgaar and Murderface.

Toki briefly takes up smoking cigarettes as a habit along with the rest of the band.[19]

After being excluded from several group activities, Toki starts his own Special Persons Invite Club and sends a special text message invite to all bandmates except Murderface, effectively giving the bassist a taste of his own medicine. Toki ultimately ends up being excluded from his own club event, and unknowingly humiliating his bandmates by designing club uniforms which strikingly resemble the KKK's.[20]

Toki and Skwisgaar seek revenge against Murderface after a series of embarrassing pranks perpetrated against the two Scandinavians, the most humiliating of all being a botched attempt to visit Splash-A-Roonie Water Park.[21]


His grand performance/guitar solo.

After being denied yet another coveted solo, Toki writes a tell-all book about his years of verbal abuse from Skwisgaar, entitled Skwisgaar Is Ams Dick. The book leads to another tiff between the two, and a significant loss in popularity and endorsements for the Swede. When Toki finally usurps a much anticipated solo at a Scandinavian Ice Festival, Skwisgaar warns him, "De audience ams a fickles mistress, Toki." As usual, Toki cracks under the pressure and has a panic attack on stage. Skwisgaar uses a defibrillator to "save" Toki.[22]


Reaching for his insulin in desperation.

Toki attends Rock-A-Roonie Fantasy Camp in hopes of making some friends outside of the band. His innocence and diabetic status make him an instant target for bullying. He finds an unlikely friend in guest counselor and former Dethklok member Magnus Hammersmith, who injects Toki with insulin when he's smothered with cake.[23]

In Dethvanity, he develops a sudden craving for lemons, and states he'd like to challenge himself to endure the flavor of them. As a result, his lips grow increasingly chapped and dehydrated, leading him to get mocked on TV with the rest of his bandmates- who had all been made fun of for their appearances. He gets referred to as "thin-lemon-lipped", and takes it personally. As a solution, he decides to get lip filler, using the fats from his own ass, and he also gets a cheap-looking spray tan.

Toki develops a strong online following via his "FaceFriends" profile, where he posts backstage pics and updates about his activities with Dethklok as well as Dr. Rockzo. Rockzo and Toki drunkenly crash an important dinner with Dethklok's record executives.[24]

When Dethklok temporarily disbands, Toki attempts to work as Murderface's unpaid intern when he runs for Congressman for New Jersey, which backfires when Toki accidentally emails lewd pictures of Murderface to the press. During this time, he continues his ties with Magnus despite Rockso's harsh warnings about him.[25]


Revenge has come.

These warnings are justified when Toki is betrayed by Magnus at the funeral of Roy Cornickelson. the Revengencers launch an ambush against Dethklok, during which Magnus literally stabs Toki in the back, taking him hostage. Ishnifus Meaddle assures Dethklok that the Church of the Black Klok believes Toki has survived, however, his whereabouts are unknown.[26]

The Doomstar Requiem[]

Thumbnail 3213879706911555775

Toki being tortured by Magnus

Toki is held as a prisoner by the Revengencers and suffers under their keep. During his time with Magnus, he suffers from horrific acts of torture. He is seen having his gaping wound from being stabbed sewn up haphazardly before having pure liquor poured over it. Toki is barely fed, only being given food in a dog bowl, which Magnus is seen kicking aside.

His appearance has shifted drastically, as well. His face becomes more pale, with pronounced cheekbones due to having a thinner face than before, as well as heavy and dark eyebags. His eyes are often seen as glassy and vacant, such as in the scene where he lays in a spiderweb alongside Abigail, who has been kidnapped with him.

While he suffers at the hands of Magnus and the Metal Mask Assassin, the majority of Dethklok attempts to forcefully forget about him, and leave him in buried memories. However, fans demand to see him, and they spark quite the conversation and rumors regarding his whereabouts. Fans assume that he's been gone due to extreme plastic surgery, or other wild things of the sort. Magnus then confirms that Toki has been kidnapped, and fans are furious when they see that the Toki Wartooth they have been watching perform on stage has been nothing but a hologram to deceive them.


Toki is crucified in a Petrine Cross

During his captivity, Abigail ensures him things will be fine. She sings to him as he falls into a deep slumber, unaware that the band plans to rescue them, but hopeful nonetheless. In a dream and song sequence similar to his other previous songs in the series, Toki remembers his past, including how he joined Dethklok and watched the band grow over time.

Toki and Abigail are later found by the band upon inverted crucifixes, apparently very soon to be killed. Toki rejoins the band and with their powers from the Doomstar they destroy the Metal Mask Assassin. The band holds a large concert to celebrate Toki's recovery, and Nathan proclaims that the band's "brother on guitar" has returned once and for all.[27]

Army of the Doomstar[]


Sobbing in the Church, regressed.

10 years after returning to Dethklok, Toki has continued a slow and steady recovery from his torture during his time in Magnus' captivity.

He is seen age regressing during a memorial service for Ishnifus Meaddle. During this regression, he is more physically affectionate, and bothers Skwisgaar by grabbing onto his arm and gently jostling him around. In this state, he also wears headphones which are most likely noise-cancelling.

During a heartfelt conversation with the rest of the band as they all discuss their roles, Toki is given the metaphorical familial role of 'sister' in the band. He also, in another meeting, describes himself as the 'sunshine rainbow marshmallow man'.


Carrying Skwisgaar.

After the attack upon the Army of the Doomstar by Salacia's soldiers, Toki rushes to ensure Skwisgaar's safety. He picks him up over his shoulder and can be seen being 'in charge' of Skwisgaar while he is unconscious due to the shock of the explosion. When the band hides in a nearby cave, Toki notices Skwisgaar groaning, and understands his needs, specifically stating "he wants his guitar". Upon giving him his guitar, as well as the auto-tuning clip, the identity of the mind-controlled traitor amongst them is revealed- DEADFACE.

When preparing to perform the proper Song of Salvation, Toki is gifted a brand new Flying V guitar which is primarily a combination of dark gray, black, and silver, as well as his Deddy Bear. When captured with his bandmates by Salacia, he loses the bear, though retrieves it later on in the snow once he's been freed. He also shares a heartfelt moment with Skwisgaar, and holds him up bridal-style for a moment before putting him back down.