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Background information
Full name Catherine Smith
Sex Female
Mortality Dead
Role Nathan Explosion fanatic
Voiced by Amber Tamblyn

Trindle (username:TrinTrin04) was an American woman and a brief girlfriend of Nathan Explosion—as well as one of the most mentally unstable fans Dethklok ever encountered.


Nathan was infatuated with her despite his bandmates’ protests against dating a fan and their disgust at him constantly making out with her around them. Soon after, the band discovers that she was involved in the disappearances of several Nathan Explosion tribute performers. They obtain access to Trindle’s laptop, and learn that she’d been an active user of Klokdate—a dating site for Dethklok fans. Nathan wouldn’t believe that she’d use the site cheat on him with his own impersonators.

Dethklok sped to Klokikon for Nathan to face Trindle in person, as he struggled to accept the idea that she may have been cheating on him. The band crossed her path as she hosted Trindle’s Sukathon, where she was performing fellatio on a long lineup of Nathan Explosion doubles and dupes (including Norman Blowup of Thunderhorse).

Trindle subsequently killed herself after igniting a dynamite-woven suicide vest in an attempt to die with Nathan in “the ultimate explosion.” While the band helicoptered away, she was able to give Nathan one last kiss—when her disembodied face rocketed through the air and smacked him on the lips.



  • "Trindle" is a nickname/alias. Her actual given name, as seen in a news article that places her as a suspect for the disappearance of Kyle Romanoff (lead singer of Dethmudd), is Catherine Smith.
  • Trindle was not arrested for previous disappearances of Nathan Explosion tribute performers due to a lack of evidence.