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The front of the mall.

Ulver Mall is a large, multi-story mall featured in the Season 3 episode, Dethmas. It is heavily decorated for the holidays, both inside and outside. Several Christmas-themed announcements, advertisements, and deals can be seen throughout the building. Due to it being just a few days before Christmas, the parking lot is flooded with people, leaving Dethklok's mothers to berate Nathan on his "poor" driving due to an over-saturation of cars on the street.

The mall is shown several times throughout the episode. It is first seen when Dr. Rockzo looks for a job, and then shown again when Toki shops around for Dethklok's Christmas gifts. The band and their families also visit the mall together, later on.

Like many other malls throughout the United States, Ulver Mall has a mall Santa exhibit. Dr. Rockzo finds a job in this position after being told by a police officer that he needs to get a steady employment in order to reintegrate into society. Toki notices the mall Santa exhibit and is thrilled to discover it, rushing into line to talk to Santa, but is then met with the horrific reality that it is, in fact, just Dr. Rockzo in a costume.

The mall also features delivery services for unnamed stores (as shown in a few fliers), free Christmas carols, and a large variety of clothing stores.


  • The store Toki stops outside of when he spots the Santa exhibit is cut off, but is likely a parody of Bloomingdale's, as the letters "-mingpales" are legible, and the names share a phonetic resemblance.
  • Another store by the name of Converge is seen, which is a reference to a metalcore band of the same name.
  • The Klokateers are seen holding bags labelled "Bed Bathory & Beyond", a parody of Bed Bath & Beyond which also serves as a reference to a Swedish Black Metal band.
  • The name of the mall itself, Ulver, is a reference to a Norwegian Black Metal band.