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William Murderface
Dethklok 2 - william murderface
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Origin United States
Role Bassist of Dethklok
Prophetic traitor
Relations Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Stella (grandmother)
Thunderbolt (grandfather)
Affiliations Dethklok
State of Florida
Church of the Black Klok
Mr. Salacia
Voiced by Tommy Blacha
Brendon Small (TDSR)
Quote open Not to brag, but I can pinpoint my fertility, too. All I need is some lotion and a little DSL-quality internet and some napkins. Quote close
William Murderface (Source)

William Murderface is a fictional member of the virtual metal band Dethklok who are the lead characters in the animated series Metalocalypse. He is voiced by show's co-creator and former co-writer Tommy Blacha.


Murderface has brown hair, lime green eyes, a heavy lateral lisp and a diastema, as well as tattoos on his stomach which state "Pobody's Nerfect" and "This Mess Is A Place." This is also a reference to Kirk Hammett's tattoos as he also has a tattoo on his stomach in that design. He is overweight, stocky, hairy, and repeatedly referred to as 'dog-faced' and 'pug-nosed'.

William is incredibly sensitive about his appearance, which his bandmates show little sympathy for and frequently contribute to with disparaging and vituperative remarks. His face looks like murder, hence his namesake. He hinted to Nathan that his grotesque looks may have been a motivating factor in his parents' murder-suicide. Dr. Gibbitz, the Tribunal Murderface expert, describes Murderface as being the "perfect specimen of devolution", with a "Cro-Magnan brow, distended jaw, clammy hands, puckled stomach, back pimpleage, hitchhiker thumbs, hammer ass, fallen arches, chicken-plucked legs, sandpapery eczema-style skin, and dry, unkempt triangle hair".

Murderface's use of his penis to play the bass has reportedly left it callused, giving it a "gnarled" appearance as if it had been 'stuck in a hornets' nest', according to Pickles. Pickles and Skwisgaar also described his backside as looking like cottage cheese, with razor-burn and stubble.

He is usually seen carrying a knife, which he uses to eat, mutilate, destroy, and do other things.


William's leisure wear


Some fans believe his appearance is based on Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath. Others speculate his appearance is based on Leslie Mandoki from Dschinghis Khan, as well as Motörhead's Phil Taylor.


Murderface has a habit of urinating inappropriately (on a display of olives at the grocery store and on journalist Nick Ibsen's shoes) or referring to urination, and even has a one-man side project called Planet Piss, to which he seems to have very little real commitment.[1]

According to the Tribunal's expert, Dr. Gibbitz, Murderface is a self-destructive personality who expresses his self-loathing through "bodily mutilation, tattooing, alcohol abuse, and coprophilia." According to Pickles, he is a nihilist and likes to collect "morbid crap" such as torture devices and American Civil War memorabilia.[2]

Murderface has at least some familiarity with firearms as he recognizes the sound of his "driving gun" (an antique Mauser C96 handgun) after hearing it fired.[3]

Despite outwardly being the angriest and most violent member of Dethklok, Murderface is arguably the most sensitive and insecure. He is convinced that he is hideous and unlovable, and refers to himself as "the fat one." He seems to go through periods of loneliness and depression, which are only magnified by his bandmates' complete inability to react to his emotions.


Murderface promoting the Rock and Roll diet

Murderface is a hedonistic alcoholic, as he would rather cut off his penis than admit that "booze ain't food". He regularly throws tantrums when he is frustrated or annoyed, which has resulted in several destroyed bass guitars, two acoustic guitars, and one guitar of Toki's.

After a near-death experience (falling drunk from the Murdercycle, and subsequent mayhem) he was prompted to seek faith in several churches, including the Church of Satan and the Church of the Atheists. Eventually he decided that all religions were "the same boring crap" and gave up his search.[4]

He is quite homophobic, which becomes a sort of running gag with him, as he is often put in situations where it comes close to suggesting homosexual desires. This is most prominent in "Dethfashion", where he has a press conference just to state "I assure you all [that] I am not gay." He also refuses to eat anything he considers phallic, even if it is cut into small pieces. However, he is caught later in the episode eating a sausage, and in "Doublebookedklok", he eats a hot dog while taking a dump in a public toilet at a gas station. His distrust of doctors is mainly due to his homophobia and his misunderstanding of medical examinations of the male genitals (comparing it to being "jacked off"). All of this behavior has led to fan theories that he is a self-hating closeted gay man.

While Murderface is fully aware of his own laziness (at one point, claiming that anything he has to work for isn't worth doing), he often believes he should be credited to more of the band's success than he is. His selfish and greedy personality grew so strong at one point that he (and Toki) unsuccessfully sued the other members of the band for writer's credits and residuals despite the fact that he doesn't produce or contribute anything in the songwriting process. His attitude got to be such a burden on the rest of Dethklok that they actually kick him (and Toki) out of the band.

Skills & Hobbies

Murderface is referred to as the "Cock Slap Bassist" due to his ability to perform slap-style bass solos using only his penis. In "Rehabklok", he admits he has a habit of choking himself while jacking off every morning.

Murderface collects "morbid crap" such as torture devices, medieval weapons, and other implements of death. He also collects American Civil War memorabilia and is an American Civil War buff. In "Dethkomedy", he plays golf with the rest of Dethklok and Judge Alfonzo after their Dethwater civil suit.

Murderface thinks he is a great speller, but demonstrated his lack of skills in his preparation and appearance on "Celebrity Spelling Bee."

He has a driving license.

Music Talents

Murderface plays the bass guitar for the band; however, this seems rather unnecessary, as Nathan has stated that they mix his bass out of "pretty much every song." However, Murderface improves noticeably after Pickles introduces him to the concept of "free-balling," prompting the rest of the band to consider including his bass on their next album.[3] He plays a black five-string Gibson Thunderbird Studio Bass with a white pickguard. He is able to play bass with his penis (which he refers to as his "hog").[2]

In the episode "Cleanzo" it is revealed that Murderface has never written a complete song for Dethklok, despite claiming he was the "lead songwriter" in a press conference, and that his bass lines were figured out and shown to him by Skwisgaar, which he still doesn't perform well enough to actually merit any respect by the band. Murderface tries twice to write a song in "Cleanzo", first an acoustic song apparently called "Titty Fish" , the second, a reggae song for Dr. Rockzo; both of these attempts are thwarted after Murderface gets frustrated and smashes the guitar.

He has side-band called Planet Piss, with Takin' It Easy being the only real song. However, mostly due to his laziness and lack of commitment to getting the project actually running, the side-band never materializes beyond a concept. "Takin' It Easy" was meant to be a Dethklok song and was mostly constructed by Toki not Murderface himself despite coming up with the idea for the song. In "Dethsiduals" when he and Toki are forced to write a song for Get Thee Hence, Murderface took to playing the drums as well as the bass for this, though Toki was moving his hand to guide William on when to hit. In the same episodes, it is revealed that the pair are the only reason behind Dethklok's image, and without the pair Pickles, Nathan and Skwisgaar end up writing happy songs.

Apart from playing the bass with his penis, Murderface has been shown to be able to play bass fluently with and without a pick.



Despite being unable to spell particularly well, possibly suffering from dyslexia, he has some education. He revealed in "Go Forth and Die" he only got a high school diploma because he threatened the principal. In "The Doomstar Requiem", when talking about alternatives to being who he was, he mentioned he could go back to school and earn a degree in "in something fucking useless like psychology". This might be wishful thinking on his part, given how he got his diploma by coercion.

In the episode "Bluesklok", Murderface asserts to the Crossroads man that he is a notary. This implies Murderface underwent extensive legal training at some point in his life and is licensed by the government to perform legal authorizations.


Nathan Explosion

William seems to look up to Nathan as the leader of the band, but at the same time resents that he is not given more credit, (which he doesn't often deserve, anyway.)  William often agrees with Nathan's assessment of most situations, but often passes off Nathan's ideas as his own. (Often with Nathan still standing there and glaring at him.) Nathan, like most of the other band members, seems to tolerate William, but sometimes only just barely.  Nathan has kicked William out of the band before,, when William sued the band for his share in the creative process.

Toki Wartooth

Murderface often drags Toki into whatever hairbrained scheme he is currently passing off as a good idea, usually due to the fact that Toki is the only one naive enough to agree with William. However, Murderface is often just as abusive to Toki as he is to everyone else around him. Toki, in turn, is just as likely to mock Murderface when the others are doing so, leading to a constant cycle of hatred and camaraderie between the two of them. William was the first to advocate kicking Toki out of the band, for instance, though none of the others seemed to take him very seriously.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf

Murderface and Skwisgaar often have little to say to each other, as Skwisgaar's contempt of every human around him is even more noticeable when it comes to Murderface. Skwisgaar freely admits that he deletes and re-records Murderface's bass lines himself, much to the consternation of William. Murderface hates the fact that Skwisgaar is handsome and talented, even going so far as to challenge Skwisgaar to a contest to determine who could have sex with more women in a given time. (Skwisgaar won easily, as William bedded exactly zero women.)  Occasionally, however, William and Skwisgaar have done things together, such as watching "Faces of Death" while eating whipped cream and chocolate, when Toki was away at "Rock-a-Rooney Fantasy Camp."


Murderface and Pickles get along as well as Murderface gets along with anybody... which is to say, not very well. Pickles is often the voice of reason when William has a stupid idea, to which Murderface often responds with hostility or complaint. Murderface doesn't seem to hate Pickles any more than he hates anyone else, (including himself,) and often joins Pickles in his notorious drinking binges.


Murderface shows that he has an attraction to Serveta Skwigelf, much to the dismay of Skwisgaar. In "Dethfam", Serveta's first appearance, Murderface tells Skwisgaar that his mother is cool, only for Skwisgaar to deny that.

Murderface is also shown to be unpopular with women due to his status as bass player and his unattractiveness. He has also been shown to sexually harass/molest Dethklok's female employees. Although it should be noted that in "Dethgov" he is seen driving around in a police car with a beautiful women who appears to have been performing fellatio on him moments earlier.


Murderface holds his family in contempt, stating, "They're repugnant. I'd rather die than grow old and repugnant like them."


  • In Dethcarraldo, his ancient animal form is revealed to be an inbred white tiger that that greatly resembles Kenny the Tiger, the first tiger with Down's syndrome.[1]
  • He owns a custom-made dungeon, and supposedly spends most of his time there when not with the band.
  • Murderface is generally portrayed as the least popular member of Dethklok among both fans and bandmates due to his status as bass player, his lack of musical ability, unpleasant appearance, obnoxious behavior, and nauseous odor which is shown to induce vomiting. All of these attributes are running jokes within the series.
  • He is among the few members of Dethklok to suffer repeated physical injury (a running gag) from either his bandmates, Dethklok fans, his grandmother Stella Murderface, women, and/or Dethklok's enemies on more than one occasion. He is frequently involved in freak accidents and has inexplicably recovered from numerous severe (and easily fatal) injuries.
  • Nathan admits in one episode that Murderface's bass lines are mixed out of the tracks. This is likely a reference to Jason Newsted's bass lines being mixed out of the Metallica album ...And Justice For All. (A fan made remix entitled "..And Justice For Jason" with the bass lines restored to their proper volume later confirmed this to be true)
  • In contrast to the rest of the band being billionaires, both Murderface and Toki are only multi-millionaires. This is because of their lack of creative input means their contract agreement with Crystal Mountain Records results in them only receiving 2% of the share in all of Dethklok royalties. This is stated in Dethsiduals.
    • However, the statement of Dethklok being the 12th (and later, 7th) largest economy in the world would put their worth in the trillions meaning that both Murderface and Toki are perhaps billionaires even if they only had a 2% share in all Dethklok royalties.
  • In Dethvanity, it is implied that he at least partially understands Spanish, due to his ability to understand the very concerning statements from his Spanish-speaking surgeons.
    • It is later further confirmed during a Season 4 DVD extra where he shows an understanding that he can't yet take off his recovery helmet- something that was only told to him in Spanish.
    • This same DVD extra further supports the theory that Murderface may be a closeted, self-hating gay man due to a rant he goes on where he states that he would "like to suck a dick", and would be happily included in fans' "slash fiction" after his beautification process to become "Handsomeface".
  • He thoroughly enjoys playing the video game Wheelchair Bound on an arcade machine in Mordhaus.
    • He's seen playing it during Birthday Dethday, and there is a Season 1 DVD extra where he spends a good chunk of time playing the game, shouting all the while. He proves himself to be violent even in video games, as he exclaims destructive and vulgar phrases (e.g. "fuck you, grandma!" and "killin' a cat, now I'm killin' a dude.") He then poorly raps the phrase "motherfuckin' wheelchair bound!" several times to himself.
  • The prophecy likely predicted that Murderface would be the spy for the enemy. In the old prophetical artworks, Murderface is standing in the middle, and the blood from the Doomstar can be seen dripping down towards him.


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