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Background information
Mortality Dead/Destroyed
Origin Manufacturing Facility/Laboratory
Role Replacement drummer for Dethklok
Relations Pickles (rival/enemy)
Affiliations Dethklok
Quote open I am machine. I am alive. Quote close
— The X2P-1158

The X2P-1158 is a self-aware high-tech drum machine robot featured in the Season 3 episode, Rehabklok. His manufacturer is unknown.

He is first introduced as a temporary replacement for Pickles while he attends rehab for his alcoholism. However, due to his extraordinary capabilities and the relation he develops with the others, Dethklok begins to consider making him a full-time replacement.

When looking through his eyes, it can be seen that the X2P-1158 has a red-colored robotic HUD that displays various forms of information, including identifying information for his surroundings and people around him. It identifies Pickles as a threat.



Vomiting on the ground after a crazy night.

As the X2P-1158 grows progressively closer to the other band members, they begin to invite him to their parties, venues, and other post-concert activities. He can be seen drinking alcohol several times, and even dispenses it. Growing comfortable with the band and taking advantage of his own consciousness, he falls deep into a pit of alcoholism and drug abuse, much like Pickles' habits.

As a result of the X2P-1158's descent into robotic alcoholic madness, Dethklok attempts to tell him that they're relieving him from the band, as they believe him to have become an asshole who's "fucking all their groupies", as stated by Murderface. The X2P-1158 does not take this information well, and retaliates by kidnapping and attempting to kill Dethklok.


In a life-or-death fight with Pickles.

Shocked by this information and full of hatred towards the drum machine, Pickles rushes in to save his bandmates, effectively confirming their status as rivals with one another. The X2P-1158 latches onto Pickles' new, enhanced hover drums in order to take him down, but ends up being destroyed in a final explosion high up in the air.


The X2P-1158 can perform a wide varieties of genres, including but not limited to:

  • Latin
  • Soul
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Fusion, Latin Fusion, Dildo Fusion

He can also perform the 'deadly hexi-kicks' and up to 200 poly-rhythms at once. It is also stated that he is equipped with an unnamed device that can cause dangerous harm to humans.


  • The design as well as some of the themes of X2P-1158's self-awareness is a reference to HAL 9000, the main antagonist in 1968 Sci-Fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • While this is a robot/drum machine and does not have a gender or sex, he is referred to with he/him pronouns rather than "it".