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The Yaneemango are tribe of Amazonian cannibals introduced in “Dethcarraldo”. Dethklok frontman Nathan Explosion is ¼th Yaneemango as a result of his grandmother's affair when she visited the Amazon.

Grandmother's Diary[]

According to his Grandmother's diary, Nathan's grandmother and her husband Walter were shipwrecked in the Amazon jungle, most of the people on ship were killed when the ship crashed on the rocks while the rest were speared & eaten by the native Yaneemango. She assumed her beloved husband is still alive. On day 13 of her diary, she tells of having "fallen in lust" with Yaneemango Chief Otoe (Nathan's biological grandfather) & states that they are powerful together. On day 24, after eating with the Yaneemango, she notices Walter's pocket watch in her soup. She then realizes she had eaten the soup of her husband.

Cannibal Culture Ethnograhic Special: Secrets of the Yaneemango[]

Yaneemango Yopo

Some Yaneemango Indians doing Yopo.

A documentary about about the Yaneemango watch by Dethklok in the episode "Dethcarraldo". According to the documentary the Yaneemango live in the most remote parts of the Amazon jungle. They also use a hallucinogenic drug called Yopo which shot into the nasal cavities via a bamboo pipe. This causes the Yaneemango to achieve a trance-like state where the Yaneemango communicate with the spirit world via drumbeats. During the documentary one of the experts plays the "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle" to see how the Yaneemango react to the world's most popular art form, Dethklok.

Dethcarraldo Expedition[]

Yaneemango Dethklok

Yaneemango Indians upon meeting Dethklok.

The documentary about Amazon tribal use leads Dethklok to take a trip to the Amazon rain forest to obtain the hallucinogenic drug Yopo. Meanwhile, General Crozier is sent in to follow them by The Tribunal, but his commando team's helicopter is shot down by Klokateer jetfighters. Dethklok is eventually stranded in Yaneemango territory & is captured by the Yaneemango. The Yaneemango take notice of how Dethklok resemble a nearby mountain (which is like Dethklok version of Mount Rushmore or Stone Mountain) and are welcomed as gods. They are then given the drug Yopo, which causes them to imagine their spirit animal forms. Crozier is also forced by the native Yaneemango to partake in a drug. Crozier imagines the bloodied and disfigured Cardinal Ravenwood again, along with the soldiers killed by Salacia. The vision of Ravenwood tells Crozier he is dead.

During the expedition, Nathan wrote the lyrics to a song called "Bloodlines" about the Yaneemango and how he is related to them. It was performed by the band sometime near the end of the trip.

Similarities to the Yanomami[]

The Yaneemango natives appear to be based on the real tribe of the Yanomami in the Amazon. There are several similarities that tie the Yaneemango to the Yanomami, but much artistic license was taken in regards to their religious cerenomies.[1][2][3]

Anthropilogist Chagnon studied the Yanomami in 1964 and published a book on warlike tendencies of humans in 1968, painting a picture of the Yanomami being inherently aggressive savages. His work was later criticized as very biased, as Chagnon took weapons to the natives and then purposefully aggravated preexisting tensions between tribes to write his findings on them. As of 1995 Chagnon is legally barred from approaching the Yanomami.

The Yanomami were the basis for the tribe in Ruggero Deodato's controversial film Cannibal Holocaust, a name shared with an EP from death metal band Necrophagia.

Likewise, the drug yopo has a real life counterpart with a similar name.